8 virtual or augmented reality

SASE enables augmented reality for glass manufacturer

Support engineers at O-I Glass use HoloLens over Cato Networks SASE to see the remote problems they are helping to fix.

teams / teamwork / collaboration / discussion / planning / meeting / communication

Survey: NetOps is essential but undervalued in making multi-cloud decisions

For multi-cloud networking to succeed, NetOps must have a seat at the table, but IT leaders need to buy into it.

thousandeyes map

Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.


Quantum computing / security

QuSecure launches quantum-computing based security for endpoints

Quantum-based security with what’s advertised as “frictionless” deployment is now available from QuSecure.

Java 101: Datastructures and algorithms, Part 2

Telemetry steps into the enterprise-networking spotlight

With the ability to analyze ever-expanding telemetry data generated by network infrastructure and applications, open-source projects and AI/ML are helping to create predictive networks.

mainframe servers in the cloud

168澳洲幸运10开奖历史查询、视频结果官网直播 selling new Xeon processors

From HPE to Inspur, server vendors are coming out with dozens of new configurations.

IBM Power10 in socket

IBM boosts Power CPU core count…for Oracle

IBM will quadruple the core count of its RISC CPUs specifically to benefit one of Oracle’s databases, perhaps to get around licensing issues, but won't say exactly why.

Data center / enterprise networking takes steps toward zero trust with 'single line of code' provisioning

New integration with Okta, containerization support and a tagging system are all present in the latest version of’s network management platform.

building better it management skills people workers

Commands and setting for managing user accounts on Linux

To manage user accounts on Linux systems, you'll need to be familiar with some important files and commands.

Blackout, New York City skyline

Top 10 outages of 2022

The biggest outages of 2022 hindered services from AWS, British Airways, Google, Twitter and more, according to Cisco-owned network intelligence company ThousandEyes.


Computerworld Tech Forecast 2017 - Hottest Tech Skills for 2017

What to expect from SASE certifications

SASE certification options are expanding, with Palo Alto joining Cato Networks, Netskope and Versa Networks. Are they worth the effort?

it as a product box package hand with product technology nodes primary

8 hot networking technologies for 2023

Innovative technologies designed to make networks faster, smarter and more secure

networking abstract

Nvidia, others promise to use new Intel Xeon processors

New server processors include virtual machine security as well as AI accelerators.

Visualization of data in motion through a data center corridor of servers.

Cisco amps-up its UCS server line with new Intel processors

New high-end Cisco Unified Computing System servers with the 4th Generation Xeon processors will be more powerful and energy efficient.

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Intel boosts VM security, guards against stack attacks in new Xeon release

Intel’s TDX framework gains a new capability, and a “shadow stack” in Xeon’s fourth generation aims to knock out a dangerous cyberattack method.